Everything you need to know about dog poop bags

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Cleaning up after your dog is important for many reasons. We should all care about keeping our environment tidy and clean to respect nature and of course other people we share this planet with. Caring about the environment also means to use products that are easy to digest for the environment. Especially when it comes to the little things, we use day by day we seem to be failing. We make lazy choices out of habit or convenience which harm the environment unintentionally. Using Eco-friendly poop bags for example is a huge step in the right direction. Here is a little guide of what you need or want to know about dog poop bags.

What does eco-friendly mean?

Many of us are aware that “eco-friendly” often gets used inappropriately. But what exactly does it mean and when can you call something eco-friendly? The origin of the word comes from the Latin word “oeco” which actually means house and now it’s used for words like habitat, home or earth. So, Eco friendly means “Earth friendly” and by definition of the Cambridge dictionary “designed to have little or no damaging effect on the environment”.

What is the best material for eco-friendly poop bags?

Nowadays the market gets swamped by green or eco-friendly products. But the question is, if they really are earth-friendly? There is a big difference between so called eco-friendly materials and here is a quick break down for you:

  1. Paper poop bags: Paper usually always seems more eco-friendly than plastic but to produce paper bags takes around four times as much energy as plastic bags and chemicals are used in the production process which harm the environment.
  2. Biodegradable poop bags: Biodegradable means that the plastic will break down in time. The process is pretty straight forward as the material is made to break into million small pieces. This doesn’t sound too bad when the material is natural and easy to process, but you can also label products as biodegradable when they aren’t natural, just because they can break down. This process then causes pollution and microplastic. A Scientist now invented biodegradable plastic which is compostable, which is a revolutionary invention to fight the world’s plastic problem.
  3. Compostable poop bags: Compostable poop bags are by far the best option as they don’t harm the environment. Anything labelled compostable will decompose within weeks in water and soil and is made from natural ingredients.

More poop-bags facts

Did you know that before the scoop the poop law took effect in the 80s, people made their dogs do their business in the gutter by the road? So much has changed ever since and we are all happy about mostly clean streets. What many of us probably are not aware off is that there are also different sizes of dog poop bags depending on the size of your pet. It totally makes sense when you think about it. Why should the same poop bag be right for a Chihuahua and a Great Dane?

If you have noticed your dog’s business is becoming a little too big to scoop, then the best option for you is to size it up and get yourself some earth-friendly big dog poop bags. 

This little guide will hopefully make you choose the right bags for your four legged friend in future.

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