7 Best Gifts for Dog lovers 2021

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If you aren’t and have never been a pet owner, you can probably not imagine how much love there can be between a human and an animal. Some people literally get obsessed with their four-legged friend and treat them even better than family. Several studies have proven that most people trust their pets more than they would trust a human, so to make a pet owner happy you will have to connect with their furry family members.

The difficulty is to choose the right gift, which isn’t just a boring chew ball.

  1. Match your pet

Which might sound a little over the top for people without dogs, is the latest trend under pet owners. A few US companies have now designed Covid-19 facemasks which match your pet’s bandana. This not only keeps you safe but also makes it a little more fun to put a facemask on.
The little less obvious variation is a matching bracelet and collar, a few brands offer cute neutral ones, where other brands charge thousands for matching gold and diamonds.

  1. Calming dog beds

Is your friend’s pup sometimes stressed or anxious? Or maybe even a littleDog sitting on a dog bed too energised? Then this might be a good gift for your pet loving friend. Calming pet beds are designed for anxious dogs and cats but can be used for any pet. Dogs and Cats like to snuggle into something when they sleep, so they can feel safe. Those specially designed beds have raised rims and a furry texture to imitate a mother-like feeling. The effect is scientifically proven.

  1. Dog location and health tracker

This is a present every dog owner will thank you for. It might not be the cheapest option but definitely a very popular one. Several brands on the market offer different features for the dog tracker. Some basic ones will just show you a dog’s location and others will track their sleep, itching, licking, drinking and other activities. If it’s used right, it can improve a dog’s health and fitness! 

  1. Books about dogs

True dog lovers are not just interested in their own pet but also in the stories of other dogs. There are a few different options depending on a person’s preference. Photographer Randel Fords for example, has published a photobook with beautiful Dog portraits. Greg Murray who has done something similar just added a bit of peanut butter to it! He seriously got famous for taking photos of dogs trying to lick peanut butter of their noses and now he made it even more irresistible by doing the same with puppies. If this is all not for you, then there is poet Mary Oliver who has published poems about how dogs have enriched her life. 

  1. Pet Photoshooting or Pet Painting

There isn’t much that makes a dog owner happier than having a memory for a lifetime with their furry friend. There are millions of photographers who are focussing on capturing unforgettable moments of the bond between a human and their pet. A gift voucher for a photoshoot would be a great idea for someone who isn’t camera shy, otherwise there is a second option, which is getting a portrait painted of either just the pet or of them together. Here are some creative options like abstract paintings, drawing or caricatures you can chose from.

  1. Portable Dog Waterbottle

This portable dog waterbottle is great for active dog owners. The worst thing is to go for a hike or a run with your pup and not come across a source of hydration on the way. Especially on hot days that can be very dangerous. The new portable waterbottles are literally a handy lifesaver for these kinds of situations. They are waterbottles with a bowl attached on top, which fills with water when you squeeze the bottle. This way human and dog have something to drink.

  1. Dog bakery/cafe

Visiting a dog bakery can be a fun experience for the dog owner and the dog. If you want to ask a dog owner out for a creative date, this one would definitely leave an impression. There are plenty of them all around the US some serve coffee for owners and biscuits for their four-legged friend. In case you want to surprise a not-yet-dog owner then you should check out your nearest Dog café. Here you can come to pet cute puppies which are free for adoption. 

With all those ideas, you will definitely find a creative gift for a dog lover. Since Covid-19 a lot of people appreciate their pets even more, so it’s getting more and more popular to do fun activities with a them. 

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