Was founded in 2017 when we relocate to the Turks and Caicos Islands following our careers. These islands are infamous by the huge community of the stray dogs known as Potcakes,  which are an inseparable part of the Island’s history for hundreds of years. Most of those dogs find home thanks to the Turks and Caicos PotCake Association (TCSPCA).

When we adopted Björn from the TCSPCA, we realized the number of stray dogs on those islands, and it shocked us. We also have seen the amount of garbage and plastic in such a small island and noticed a direct impact on the animals and nature. As dog owners, we thought of the amount of plastic bags we use on a daily basis to pick up their #2 and how we can minimize our impact on the island’s ecosystem.



Bju, as we call him, is a dog full of energy who loves to swim in salty water and dig holes in the sand. He has taught us to live life like a potcake, grateful with whatever comes and have fun with it.

Ela was adopted back in 2012 in Mexico, we enjoy to travel so she became our first baby and beloved travel partner. She shows us that when everybody says you can’t (like traveling with your dog), its only matter of how much you want it.