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More and more people are gaining interest in an eco-friendlier lifestyle. You can find anything nowadays labelled with a little green logo assuring that you are doing something good for the environment. But even when people are becoming more aware of what they buy and consume, there are still plenty of little things that could slip past our awareness. Things we use on a daily basis, which have quite an impact on the environment.

Especially pet owners often forget that the products they are using for their furry family members leave a footprint. With almost 500 Million pet dogs in the world there is an unbelievable amount of pet products which aren’t considered as eco-friendly in any way. The biggest problem is the millions of tons of dog waste which doesn’t get disposed in a correct way.

Poop bags are in every dog owner’s household but not everyone considers the environmental pollution that is caused with every single bag. When we look at the number of products on the market labelled with a green “eco” logo, one might get easily overwhelmed and decide to just stick to the good old fossil fuel plastic bags. The questions are if there even is an environmentally friendly option when it comes to dog poop bags? What is the right choice? Biodegradable or compostable dog poop bags? Are all eco-friendly or compostable dog poop bags the same and how do they actually work? We answered some important questions for you, so you can make a better decision next time you want to throw a roll into your shopping basket.

Are poop bags compostable?

Yes, there are compostable poop bags on the market but will all compostable poopbags actually break down in my compost? The answer isn’t always yes unfortunately. Not all poop bags available on the market labelled as compostable poop bags dissolve quick enough in a normal household compost bin. A lot of compostable poopbags only break down under specific conditions at a pet waste composting facility for example. So, having compostable poop bags doesn’t mean that it is easy to compost them. If you have your own compost bin, there are also a few things to consider before dumping your dog’s dump on top of your food waste pile. But we get to this more detailed in a bit.

Are biodegradable poop bags really biodegradable?

Unfortunately, most biodegradable poop bags are not compostable poop bags and therefor even if they are made to break down, they don’t dissolve entirely and leave a footprint in the environment. Biodegradable can also only be broken down efficiently in industrial facilities exposed to certain temperatures. Under soil and water conditions these materials cause significant pollution and leave micro plastic in the environment and in our oceans. This causes severe damage for land and sea worldwide.

The problem about biodegradable is, it sounds eco-friendly but in reality, it isn’t. If the material isn’t compostable then degradable only means the plastic bag will be broken down into million little pieces and get left to the environment to deal with it. The subject is complex and not everyone understands the difference between biodegradable dog poop bags and compostable dog poop bags, so it’s easy to get confused make the wrong decisions. 1000 poop bags

It is said that a large number of eco-friendly labelled products aren’t actually earth friendly. Most of them are a short-term fix for your conscious but have bad long-term implications. Which means that a lot of dog owners are convinced to help the environment by making conscious decisions and cleaning up after their beloved pets, when in reality they are causing more harm. The easiest solution here is firstly to find a company that produces compostable poop bags that actually dissolve in composting conditions and then to find the right place to let them compost.  

Can you compost dog poop bags?

To understand the answer, we need to understand what composting means. Composting is the process of breaking down organic waste by microbial digestion and for that to happened you need heat, water and oxygen. If you have a well-managed compost at home, it will take three months to one year to break down the compostable poop bags. So, please don’t just throw compostable poop bags anywhere and think that it will compost in no time. We recommend you that you use a separate compost for your compostable dog poop bags and for our food waste. Dog waste carries a lot of parasites and pathogens and even if your compost will be able to kill those after one year, you should never use the compost that has been produced by dog poop bags for edible plants. 

What dog poop bags are really biodegradable?

The best option to be eco-friendly with your dog waste is to choose compostable poop bags but it’s always important to do a little research to find out which bags actually are compostable and make sure you have the right compost available, or you can dispose them in a waste bin for dog waste.

Most important is the material of the poop bags and the way you dispose them. 


After all it isn’t that difficult to take the right steps towards a responsible and eco-friendly dog parenthood. All we need to do is finding compostable poop bags and then finding the right place to throw them without having a harmful impact on the environment. By the way, the right place should never be the landfill for this kind of waste. There are actually companies you can hire that will come to your place and collect your dog’s poo, to bring it to the right facilities. If you have a compost yourself then follow the rules above and your dogs business will be safe for everyone and our earth.