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Dog in spa day

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What is more satisfying and uplifting than a long deserved pamper day? We go to the hairdressers, get our nails done, our beards trimmed or spend extra money for a decent moisturiser. A visit at the spa can help us relax and makes us feel as good as new. But if we deserve that extra care sometimes our furry friends should, too, right?

Luckily, we aren’t the only ones thinking this way and pet spas, natural products but also holistic healing methods have become a thing. Let’s take a look together at the must tries and the trends that might that it a little bit too far.

Pet Massage

If you notice your pet has been stressed or deals with anxiety, then getting a massage for your pet could be the answer. You can either rub their head and gently squeeze their ears or get it done by a professional. Dog massages became a part for cancer treatments and trauma therapy and have shown a high success rate. Therefor it is just as beneficial for your pet as it is for you. It doesn’t only help them relax but also increases their circulation, decreases pain, reduces stress and can help you to strengthen the bond between you and your animal friend.

There are different techniques, such as:

  • Head rub: Calming points are primarily located on your pet’s head, so try to slowly massage your dog’s forehead with your thumb and index finger, here you can apply a little more pressure than you would usually when just petting them.
  • Thigh and glute massage: This massage technique is for your dog’s glutes and back legs. Press gently both thumbs into the thigh or glute muscle and make a backwards “c.” You can use the clockwise circles on the entire muscle. (NOTE! Dog massage for arthritis should be done by a professional under the medical guidance of a veterinarian)
  • Ear massage: For this simple massage, start with your thumb on the inner side of your dog’s ear, your index finger should be on the outside. Using only a little pressure, slowly stroke out towards the end of the ear and conclude with a gentle pull. Your dog will love this one!

Alternative and spiritual dog treatment

Yes, we are serious! There is no limit when it comes to holistic and alternative treatments, you can get all the spiritual healing for your furry friend. From Reiki, healing touch, theta healing to Qigong. Pretty much everything you can get for your own soul healing, your pet can apparently benefit from it, too.

Some studies have actually shown that pets react positively on things like healing touch treatments for animals (HTA). HTA works through balancing the animal’s energies using utilizing HTA techniques so the body can self-heal.                                                                                                                                       If you are not into energy healing, you can take also your dog for acupuncture or acupressure.

Moisturisers, oils and natural shampoos for your pet

As we read above, the sky is the limit when you want to make your pet feel special and most people are willing to spend some extra money for theirGroom your dog four-legged family members.

Here is what you can use to make your pet look silky and smell beautifully:

  • Essential oils: From expensive high end oils, to own mixture that you can prep yourself at home, essential oils are popular especially because some of them also prevent ticks and insect bites (Lavender oil has even been shown in studies to prevent tick eggs from hatching). Just be mindful and only add a few drops into a larger amount of water, before applying on your pet’s fur. Some essential oils can be toxic in higher amounts.
  • Natural soaps: There is a lot of small businesses that sell homemade natural soap for your pet. So, if your little friend is a fan of baths, you can support small businesses and pamper your dog with a long foamy bath, maybe you’d like to add one of the massages above for some extra relaxation.
  • Dog perfume: Apparently it is safe to use perfume or fragranced sprays on dogs. If it’s the right thing to do is another question. If you don’t want your dog to smell of dog, you can choose from a wide range of different perfumes.

Whatever you choose, just remember that your dog is still a dog and is probably also perfectly happy with some cuddles and a walk through a muddy park.

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