Keeping your Dog cool in the heat

Dogs in the beach

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The end of the winter is near, and the summer heat is waiting around the corner.

Most people get excited about some fun in the sun, outside activities and catching a bronze sun kissed tan. But what can maybe end up with an annoying sunburn, can be life threatening for our dogs.

From an increased exposure to ticks, sunburns, and even heat strokes, all sorts of things could affect your dog’s health this summer. So, it’s important to keep an eye and take special care of your furry friend.

In the past years, sadly it has become common to hear about dogs being left in a car while it was hot outside and found them unconscious or even dead after only “a short visit in the Supermarket”. Heat strokes are a common and underrated cause of death and could happen very sudden, when not noticed and treated accordingly.

Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat through their skin, so to cool down they rely on panting and on releasing heat through their nostrils and through their paws.

Signs of an overheating dog

There are a few things, which make it pretty obvious when your dog has been exposed to too much heat.

Dog excessive panting in summer

Here are a few to look out for:

  • Excessive panting
  • More dribbling and drooling than usual
  • Loss orientation or balance
  • Sudden tiredness
  • Collapsing

How to cool your dog down

All those signs could be clear indicators of your dog being in danger of a severe heatstroke and you should take action immediately. There are a few tricks, that will help to bring your dog’s body temperature back to normal:

  • Bring them as soon as possible to a place in the shade or indoors
  • Spray you pet with cold water or if possible, let them sit in cool water for a while
  • Tap your dog’s paws with a wet towel
  • Cover their body with wet towels and let them lay on one
  • Make them drink cold water
  • Feed with frozen treats or let them lick an ice cube

Most of the things listed above might not just rescue your dog but can also be used as prevention.

For example, you can prepare some frozen snacks and wet towels before leaving for a long walk on less shaded placed and try to walk your pet on the grass instead of hot asphalt.

Here you find an example of a frozen dog treat recipe, that will make your four-legged friend love you even more but also help them to regulate their body temperature. You can get all creative and mix fruits and yoghurts, leave them in the freezer for a few hours and voila! The only dangerous thing about those treats is, that you might like them just as much as your dog does.