How to live with Pet Allergies

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How to live with Pet Allergies

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Allergies are common. A lot of people suffer from one or several and they are never easy to cope with. But it is even harder when you are allergic to something you love. Most people who suffer from allergies like Pollen are also allergic to other things and oftentimes it happens to be Animals.

Whether a pet has been brought into your Life through external circumstances like a new relationship, a new flat share, where one of the new housemates happen to be furry, or you have chosen to be a pet owner. Living with an allergy can make you suffer and trigger other health problems like chronicle synesis infections or Asthma. 

What are we actually allergic to, when our pet makes us sneeze?

Pet allergies are not caused by their fur, as falsely believed by many. The allergies are caused by reactions to proteins found in animal’s saliva, skin cells and urine. They can be carried on clothes and can stay in furniture, on walls and especially in carpets for months, even after an animal hasn’t lived there for a long time.

Sadly, there is actually no such things like an allergen-free cats or dogs. Even if the animals have no hair for example, they still carry the protein that people react to.

How to live with pets you are allergic to

  • Keep your home and your pet clean 

One way is to maintain a cleaning routine, so that you keep as little of the pet protein in your home. 

Keeping your pet physically distant from you and the place you sleep might break your heart but will help you more than anything. Wipe the floors and surfaces regularly with a slightly wet cloths and maybe consider getting rid of all rugs and carpets in the house.

But you should not only keep your house clean, but also your furry companion if they like it or not. By bathing your dog or cat regularly you keep the protein-impacted dander to a minimum. That also goes to brushing your pet’s fur.

  • Keep your Air clean

Air filters also become more and more popular to fight allergy symptoms.

You can double it up and use one in your bedroom, so you can get a good night of rest.

  • Keep your animal healthy

Feeding your animal, a healthy and high-quality diet also helps because healthy animals produce less dander.

  • Medication or natural remedies

If worse comes to worst, your last resort can be a regular intake of medication. The is wide variety of nasal sprays, antihistamines, decongestants, and inhalers available which can help control allergy symptoms. 

mans best friend

Just be aware that those don’t let the allergy disappear but only mask the symptoms for a little while. 

Immunotherapy on the other hand can in some cases give a long-time relief. It is composed of a series of shots given over time that can help desensitize you to allergens. 

Maybe if this isn’t for you, try other recommended remedies by allergy experts.

Natural remedies include for example food which is high in Vitamin C like Kiwis, supplements or intermitted fasting.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to manage pet allergies.

Giving away your furry companion away should be the last resort and hopefully with our tips you find a way to live with your pet.

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