Dogs and Babies: How to Prepare Before Bringing Home a New Pooch

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Dogs and Babies

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Are you planning to bring a new pup into your family with a baby? Maybe you’re going the fur baby route first before you try for your first kid? Either way, bringing a new dog into the family takes some groundwork. We’re giving you some tips, tricks, and steps you can take to make bringing home your new fluffy family member a breeze.

Adopting a dog with a baby:

Getting a dog after you already have children can be a wonderful addition Adopting a dog with a babyto the family. Your little one will grow up with a furry best friend by their side, that’s the hope anyway. Plus, as the baby grows, they can learn hands-on what it’s like to care for an animal. As your energetic and curious little human grows up, most likely, they won’t have a fear of dogs since they’ve been exposed to them from a very young age. When you go to adopt your dog, be sure to ask for as much history and background info as possible. You may want to have the dog checked out by a behavioral specialist if there’s not much info available. It’s also a good idea to bring your baby along when you go to the adoption shelter to see first-hand how they react with your child.


  1. What kind of living conditions did the dog have before?
  2. Has the dog had a lot of exposure with babies?
  3. Has a behavioral specialist evaluated the dog?
  4. Has the dog displayed any signs of aggression to people or other dogs?
  5. Is the dog territorial with food and toys?

Adopting a dog before you have a baby:

If you have a pup before you have a child, remember they’re probably used to getting all of your love and attention, and bringing home a brand new tiny human can be confusing for them. It’s a hectic time for the new parents, and the many changes when the baby arrives can induce stress in dogs. There are some steps you can take to make the transition easier.

How to prepare the family dog before the baby arrives:

  1. Review your dog’s “manners” training.
  2. Start to socialize your dog around small children in a positive and controlled environment.
  3. Allow your dog to become familiar with the baby equipment (toys, crib, baby blankets, diapers).
  4. Put baby noises on to introduce the sounds of cooing and crying.
  5. When the baby is born, have someone bring home a blanket with the baby’s scent on it.

Expanding your family with a human baby or a fur baby will undoubtedly be an exciting time. Always take the safe route and prep your pups before you expose them to small children.

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