A pet-more than just a best friend during Covid-19

A pet-more than just a best friend during Covid-19

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At the beginning of the Pandemic a lot of people started to worry if their pet might be able to get infected or transmit Covid-19. It went that far, that in China, especially in Wuhan a lot of pets have been abandoned and shelters have been filled to the top. Fact is, that we are still learning about the virus and so far, it is said to be unlikely for a pet to infect with Covid-19, but they could still carry it on their fur etc. 

That means we should still take safety measures.

The recommendations are to treat pets like other humans, if you don’t live with them keep a distance and if you get infected with Covid-19, let someone else take care of your pet while you recover.

There was one good thing about this fear wave

In other places of the world the shelters worried that they might also get swamped by abandoned pets, so they put more effort into fostering out most of their animals, to make sure there will be enough space for incoming ones. 

Worldwide there was an unprecedented upsurge in adoptions and fostering. 

And the best part is, the ones who supported the shelters, not just helped an animal but also themselves because research has shown that most pet owners or foster parents had a decrease of psychological arousal, stress, anxiety and other mental health problems. 

A recent study conducted at the University of Utah found the presence of a companion dog is associated with lower cardiovascular responses during stressors, even lower than that of having a close friend present. Being with a dog is associated with an owner’s increased Oxytocin levels in the brain.

How can my pet and I spend the lockdown?

Before the pandemic it already has been proven that having a non-human companion brings along a lot of health benefits. 

Besides the emotional support, pet owners also become fitter by going for regular walks, eat healthier and develop other habits that lifts their vitality. But the emotional support is deeply rooted and even lifesaving in some cases, a study has shown.

The affection and laughter a pet can bring into the household is priceless and here are a few activities you can do with your furry companion while the world is still keeping distance.

Go for hikes/walks/adventures

Most people need an excuse to leave the house, connect with nature or Dogs life in Covid-19explore places that might just be around the corner from their homes. What could be a better excuse than making your best friend happy?


Make homemade Dog/Cat Treats to cultivate your culinary skills, which allows you quality time with your Pet and takes your mind of other things for a moment. There are plenty of fun recipes from apple-cinnamon oat biscuits to fancy, mini pumpkin pies or frozen yogurt treats.

Some of them you can find in our previous Blog post How to Make Homemade Dog Treats.

Obstacle Games 

Get creative with your dog/cat and train his mind at the same time by setting up an obstacle course. Check what you have at home to use as obstacles. A jump rope, hula hoop, stools and Basket Balls can be laid out for your dog to navigate. Here you can use your homemade treats to reward your Pup afterwards.

Teach your pets new tricks

This can be a fun activity for all sorts of pets. Doesn’t matter if you have dogs, cats, mice, rats, parrots or other non-human friends at home, they all have the ability to learn some tricks and skills. Equally important is to give them enough rest and space in between but every animal likes a bit of a challenge and the reward is a lot of fun and bonding.

Grooming and cuddling

This must be pretty much everyone’s favorite activity but can sometimes be forgotten when life gets a little hectic. Remind yourself to give your pet the love back that you receive from them. Keep their fur shiny and healthy by grooming and brushing them on a regular basis. A friendship is an equal exchange of giving and taking.