Should I compost my dog poop

Should I compost my dog poop

What are the benefits of composing doggy poop? The major advantage of composting your dog’s feces is that it replenishes essential minerals to the soil. It was previously thought that canine feces included plant seeds, diseases, and other hazardous germs. However, this has been disproved by science. If you want to provide organic fertilizer for […]

Compostable poop bags

!00% Compostable poop bags

More and more people are gaining interest in an eco-friendlier lifestyle. You can find anything nowadays labelled with a little green logo assuring that you are doing something good for the environment. But even when people are becoming more aware of what they buy and consume, there are still plenty of little things that could […]

The truth about ocean waste

Ocean Waste

Everyone who has travelled to places like Southeast Asia or India before has faced the shocking fact that our oceans are drowning in plastic. In western countries on the other hand the beaches and rivers look reasonable clean, and the problem isn’t that visible. This is also the reason why many people and the media […]

New biodegradable plastic that breaks down in your compost

New biodegradable plastic

In the last few years, we have all finally noticed a shift regarding single use plastic and it was about time as plastic is one of the biggest polluters on this planet and causes severe damage. Despite our efforts to recycle, less than 9% of plastic gets recycled in the U.S., and most ends up […]

Your pet’s business is your business- the importance of poop bags

The scoop-poop law took effect in the 80s and it is hard to imagine how our streets looked like up to this point. Before this particular moment in history people had to train their dogs only to poo in the gutter.  As it usually works with Instructions, not everyone followed them so the dogs in […]